28 World Class Writers & Directors Teach You Astonishing

Industry Secrets of Getting Your Screenplay or Film Turned into a Cult Classic…

( April 24th – April 27th )

Why Over 15,000 Filmmakers and Writers are Attending Genre Summit 3…

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  • 1st-user-icon Join your fellow genre filmmakers, writers and aficionados & learn how the pros make horrific masterpieces.
  • 2nd-user-icon No expensive travel and lodging! Genre Summit is a free online event. Doesn’t matter where you live to attend.
  • 3rd-user-icon Get instant access to our masters of the macabre as they take you on a step-by-step journey to success.
  • 1st-user-icon Join your fellow filmmakers, writers and aficionados & learn how the pros make horrific masterpieces.
  • 2nd-user-icon No expensive travel and lodging! Genre Summit is a free online event. Doesn’t matter where you live to attend.
  • 3rd-user-icon Get instant access to our masters of the macabre as they take you on a step-by-step journey to success.


Horrific Experience

like No Other

Our world-class industry professionals share their secrets to success with these exclusive workshops you will only find here at Genre Summit 3.

Don’t spin your wheels reinventing the wheel, learn from some of the biggest wheels in the business. The genre niche is an ever-expanding market in the industry. Maximize your value and return! Learn and educate yourself by watching exactly how the pros tackle filmmaking!

Whether you’re looking to make your first film, get your project into top film festivals, and/or obtain financing, distribution or an agent/manager, we are the number one source on how to make you and your project stand out.


Get ready for a week of pure Genre Madness

Day 1 – April 24th 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST

Filmmaking from the Heart – Telling the Story you want to Tell

Pearry Teo, Writer & Director – The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, The Gene Generation & Dracula: The Dark Prince

Practical Magic – The Art-of Make-Up, Character and Animal Effects for film & TV

Autonomous FX, Special Makeup Effects Artists known for their work on The Maze Runner, House & Yes Man.

Perfecting the Pitch

Danny Manus,
Founder – No BullScript

Entertainment Business 101

Vahan Yepremyan,
Entertainment Attorney & Executive Producer – Ketchup Entertainment

Innovative ways to get your work noticed

Sammy Montana,
Production Executive – Halloween & Former Literary Manager

Developing Strong Female Characters

Lucy Hay,
Founder Bang2Write

Getting Your Material to Mass Interest

Bill Marks, Producer – WolfCop, Forsaken & Casino Jack

Day 2 – April 25th 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST

Standing Out With Original Content

Steve Longi, Producer – Hacksaw Ridge, Youth In Revolt & Charlie Bartlett

Writing For TV

Craig Van Sickle, Writer & Showrunner – Tin Man, The Pretender & She Spies.

Financing – How to Get a Return on Your Investment

Shawn Papazian, Producer – Rest Stop, Sublime & Believers.

The Realities of the Lengthy Development Process

Nick Oleksiw,
Development Executive – Reel FX.

Representation – What do Agents and Managers look for in new clients and how to get one

Kevin Fukunaga,
Writer & Founder – Scripts & Scribes

Segueing & Standing out in the Competitive Film Industry

Eric England, Writer & Director – Contracted, Get the Girl, Madison County

All Your Questions Answered About Story

Karel Segers,
Blogger & founder of The Story Department

Day 3 – April 26th 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST

The 411 on Directing a Feature

Mike Hurst, Writer & Director – Paradox, Mansquito, Re-Kill, Ninja

Representation – The Truth of Seeking out and Working with Managers and Agents

Allard Cantor,
Literary Manager – Epicenter

Crafting a Horrific Masterpiece

Kevin M. Glover,
Multi-optioned and award winning screenwriter

All Your Questions About Entertainment Law

Peter Fischer,
Entertainment Attorney

Inside the Writing Process

Marilyn Horowitz,
Writer, Script Consultant & Professor at NYU Film School

Crafting Monster Movies

Gautier Cazenave, Writer & Director – Sherlock Holmes Vs. Frankenstein

30 Million + Views – How to make a viral short

Radio Silence, Director – Devil’s Due, Southbound, V/H/S/

Day 4 – April 27th 8 AM PST / 11 AM EST

The Right Hand Man – Inside the Process with a Cinematographer

Phil Parmet, Cinematographer – The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween & The Roommate

The Realities of Screenwriting & Filmmaking

J.S. Cardone, Writer & Executive Producer – Prom Night, The Stepfather & The Covenant

Winning Screenplay Competitions & Getting a Manager

Mark Stasenko,
Award winning screenwriter & founder of We Screenplay.

Composing the Ultimate Score for your Film

Ram Khatabakhsh,
Composer – The Interview, Captain America: Civil War & Dracula Untold.

From Book to screen – Inside the Process of Adapting a Book to Film

David Paterson, Writer & Producer – Bridge to Terabithia & The Great Gilly Hopkins.

The Ins & Outs of Self-distributing Your Film

Nick Soares,
Executive & Founder – Distribber

Transitioning from Drama to Horror

Matt Hoch,
Writer – I Would Kill For That

So whatcha waiting for? The boogey man to come ‘n grab you?


the third event of its kind

1. Follow this ONE piece of advice to turn your film into a “cult classic”.

2. How to get Hollywood to notice your work.

3. This ONE secret will make your film the next Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity.

4. A simple yet effective blueprint that will turn your film from good to great.

5. What goes into creating the ultimate villain.

6. How to get your actors to portray fear in an authentic way.

7. The most important tool that goes into making a genre film you are overlooking.

8. How to make a low-budget piece look like a multimillion-dollar studio-backed project.

Make Your nail-biting experiences more nail-biting.

Our Speakers have been Featured In



Shant Yegparian

Shant Yegparian is a multi-optioned, award-winning screenwriter and published author. When he’s not collaborating on genre projects, you can find him writing by the beach or making short films.

Shant is the founder and host of Genre Summit, an online event that showcases how top filmmakers perform at the highest level. Our speakers works have been featured on the Syfy Channel, Netflix, Toronto International Film Festival, SXSW, Cannes Film Festival, The Black List and on films such as Friday the 13th, Saw IV, The Collection, Here Comes The Devil, Bait 3D, V/H/S, The Possession of Michael King, Devil’s Due, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Paradox, Bridge to Terabithia, Hacksaw Ridge, Halloween and House of the Dead.

Shant is currently adapting one of his scripts into a graphic novel. You can learn more about it at gymratzthemovie.com

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